Korean Partnership

The Korean Partnership, a partnership between the Connecticut Conference of the United Church of Christ and the Kyung-Ki Presbytery in South Korean began in 1994. At that time, a committee was formed to recruit Connecticut UCC churches, interested in being partner churches and to establish ground rules for how a partnership would work.

This interesting agreement outlines the desire of churches in CT and Korean to share information about their church, their member’s activities at church and the kinds of celebrations and traditions involved in their walks of faith. The most important aspect is that neither side is interested in an exchange of money.

Korean clergy often attend the CT Conference Annual Meetings and CT Conference members and clergy are often invited to Korea. New England Women’s Celebrations, occurring every 4 years, are popular exchange opportunities for women. “Sacred Journeys” see youth from both countries traveling to experience our differing cultures, often attending a Silver Lake summer camp experience.

New churches in Connecticut are always needed to participate in this “adventure.” If you think your church might be such a family of faith, contact Carole Fanslow, Fanslow@juno.com

Carole can connect you with a speaker to explain the process or supply contact info for the current committee chairs: The Rev. Ginny Mc Daniel or Irene Choi.