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All women who are members of a UCC congregation are part of Connecticut Women!

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About Connecticut Women

Women of the Congregational Church have always been active in mission, both abroad and at home. In 1928 they came together to strengthen their outreach efforts and ground their work in prayer and scripture. The name of the organization and its structure have changed over time, but the purpose remains the same – to provide opportunities for women of faith to come together in worship, study and mission.

Connecticut Women of the United Church of Christ is one of the last statewide organizations for UCC women in New England. Once organized around Women’s Fellowships in each congregation, that gathered regularly as Districts and once a year at a state wide event, CTWUCC is now led by a state board whose members come from across the state. The board is committed to planning three major events each year: a fall retreat experience, a day away for women clergy in February, and a spring gathering where all women of CTUCC can come together for fellowship and worship, to share ideas and inspirations. Additionally, CTWUCC is always committed to financially supporting some aspect of outreach – over the last few years by raising money for a cabin at Silver Lake, a school in Nairobi Kenya, an educational program for Roma children in the Balkans.  Currently our fundraising efforts are in support of the Connecticut Conference’s Racial Justice Ministry.

From the days of our first president, Amy Ogden Welcher, to today and into tomorrow, Connecticut Women of the United Church of Christ come together to listen for the voice of our still speaking God and to support one another in responding to God’s call.